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Urban Hues Spa

A creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish nails

Manicure or Pedicure is the treatment of of the hands or feet to give them good nail health.

Our skincare treatments for the face are totally customised to you. 

 This involves a trained therapist placing their hands directly on your body and using varying techniques to work into the skin, muscles, tendons and other connective tissue

Our scrub treatments exfoliate cell build up leaving your skin smoother and more even.

These are perfect for special occasions or day to day wear. We also do semi permanent Brazilian lashes

These are nail extensions used to enhance your natural nails.

Intensely cleansing ritual that helps eliminate toxins and stimulates circulation 

We create custom looks based on client’s specifications

This treatment tones and lifts the muscles thus improving sagginess and smoothens wrinkles.

It uses pressure points, muscle stretching and compression in a yoga-like rhythmic motion 

Massage that uses smooth, flat, heated basalt stones. The heat penetrates the body bringing benefits of massage at a deeper level.

Cupping is a form of alternative medicine using special cups to resolve chronic fatigue and eases pain faster than massage therapy alone.

The removal of unwanted hair from the face or body permanently.